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Every X number of frames were run through a specific Deep Dream model, with models fading in and out using a custom algorithm, which gives the video it morphing feel. The audio was generated by feeding in hundreds of hours of audio into a neural net to generate a model that can generate new audio, […]

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Simon Duffy: Well, they don’t really know what the source is. There’s theories around maybe someone released a pet or something in the river that had a disease that was new to that population. So they haven’t discovered that. People don bring up Vietnam War or Nanking Massacre anymore. They all atrocious, but there is […]

Hang in there, ya buncha cantaloupes

Fans attending Sunday World Cup final between France and Croatia will pass a huge statue of the Bolshevik Revolution leader as they enter the Luzhniki Stadium. Abutting the rear of the monument is a Budweiser concession stand with a sign proclaiming: smart today celebrate tomorrow. Exactly freedom can satisfy the masses suffering from hunger, as […]

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Before the results of the vote were read to the assembly, the members and the gallery were reminded by Archbishop of York John Sentamuof long standing custom of receiving the results of votes on controversial matters in silence. Legislation titled Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure received broad support by the House […]

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Officially, there’s no restaurant, but guests can order at any time from a menu of delicious light dishes soups, salads, cheeses and charcuterie, oysters, pasta and burgers, almost 100 per cent organically, seasonallyand locally sourced. All dietary requirements are catered to. Slow cooked mille feuilles d’aubergine wassuperb, as was the cherry clafoutis. replica bags ru […]

As punishment, they doused her legs and feet in lighter fluid

born blind at the right time Hermes Replica Belt This is what Trump lawyers were arguing in their letter. The democrats were not requesting Trumps returns for a legitimate legislative purpose. The reason they gave for requesting the returns was to review how the IRS audits Presidential returns. As an illustration of what I am […]

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Beckham wore an orange RM cheap canada goose 11 03 Automatic Flyback Chronograph McLaren that cost him $189,500 at a Richard Mille boutique, a company representative wrote in an email. He kept the watch on his wrist during the Browns’ Week 1 loss to the Tennessee Titans, a violation of NFL rules prohibiting players from […]