Allowing only friends onto the stage of the United Nations

As despictable as we find people like Moammar Gadhafi, we should allow them to come to the United Nations. Allowing only friends onto the stage of the United Nations does not tell us anything new. Gadhafi delivered his views and now we have some idea how warped he is and what makes him act the […]

RobotIn the third episode of the second season of Mr

Each season usually has its own colour palette, for example in autumn there are usually lots of earthy and spicy colours such as golds, olives, terracottas, aubergine. In the summer, the colour palette is brighter colours or pastels. To make sure your wardrobe is up to date, make sure your are wearing the colours that […]

But like the lottery, a snow goose hunt offers a payoff so

It could all be a great legend. It was laden with gold, silver and precious stones extracted from what was then Spanish controlled Peru, which have been estimated to be worth between $10bn and $20bn today. The riches were destined for King Philip V of Spain, who relied on resources from his colonies to finance […]

Wani and his fellow militants weaponized social media

This all changed in the Soviet times when the different peoples living in the Empire were granted autonomy in the Soviet Socialist Republics. The USSR lost some land in the early Soviet era, they slowly tried to take it back (The Baltics, Ukraine, etc). In 1990/91 these republics declared independence from the USSR and the […]

The most notable difference from the other floor plans is the

(Top large photo by canada goose Derek Leung/Getty Images; Middle large photo submitted by the Canadian Olympic Committee)By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in […]

Sure makes you wonder if all the right people

Aphrodite Goddess of LoveAphrodite is the beautiful goddess of love. The story of her birth is a strange one; before Zeus became king of the gods, he overthrew his father Kronos and castrated him with a sickle throwing his genitals into the sea. Thus Aphrodite was conceived, amid the waves and emerged gloriously from […]

To ask my husband, my equal, for permission, was humiliating

Having been forbidden by Thea to wear his faithful old Gieves Hawkes suit (not even if it was his birthday), hetrundled into work in jeans and a T shirt nondescript but harmless, he mused. As he walked into the office, Ewan a former menswear buyer at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh turned content strategist looked up […]