She can be annoying but I think she just appreciates justice

When Kingfisher was killed, Nancy took his gun and carried on his task of leading their people to a victory. This act of courage gave her the honored place of Ghigau, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee. As Ghigau, Nancy was able to make decisions and one of these was the right to save the life […]

“You know, I was definitely like, I was like, ‘Oof, too much

“Our Border Patrol people are not hospital workers, doctors or nurses. The Democrats bad Immigration Laws, which could be easily fixed, are the problem. Great job by Border Patrol, above and beyond. We’ve seen how regular folks can make a difference. It certainly did with Congress’s first attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act. The […]

I feel like this is important in order to gain the clients

Both exhibited identical behaviors with young boys. The profile for these sick individuals are the same. Maybe with sandusky justice will be served, so the denial and shame these young men experience can come out of the closet, so to speak.. Whether this will involve cheap canada goose a deal with the EU is still […]

Romney was finished yesterday when he lost to Huckabee

I draw the line there. There is nothing wrong with raising a boy to be a boy.If you are indeed truly letting your boy run around in a tutu playing princess not only is that disturbing but probably borderline psychological child abuse. I have three daughers and though we do things like throw the football […]

But some people have rude tendencies to just want to touch

In October, the ABC formally outlined this contribution to Australian music inour submissionto theInquiry into the Australian Music Industryby the Federal Parliament Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts. Here, we outlined some highlights of the ABC contribution to Australian music below, along with some special stories from some of Australia leading musicians about the […]

They go to France and they come back and we have to buy it for

The goal is not to provide (note that the live broadcast is actually delayed as well) but to provide yet another medium for advertisers. God forbid you should be disconnected mid event; upon restart you ll need to sit through a 30 second car commercial before being reconnected to the event, which, of course by […]

This Government shutdown will have a horrid effect on far more

Paulson was supposed to buy up bad assets but he changed his mind and simply gave it away to banks to bolster their bottom lines. When banks buy up other banks, mergers require more time to eliminate workers doing the same jobs. It requires time to get the respective ledgers of both back into operating […]